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Created Nov 16, 2022 - Updated Aug 07, 2023 | 4 min read
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On the 18th of November, Tappx reached its 9th birthday. For almost a decade, we have been operating in the market that we are now aiming at with a new brand architecture.  This is a great milestone in our story that helps us to be part of a more global experience which is greater than ourselves. An experience that we’re eager to be part of.

A little bit of history

Things have changed a lot during the nine years of our story. But rather than forget where we came from, it is something that we have always had very clear, in order to discover who we are, what we believe in and where we are going.  

Our story began in 2013 with Dani and Toni, our CEO and CTO, attempting to launch a mobile app for e-commerce and becoming aware that small independent developers with small budgets found it really difficult to attract users.  

This obstacle led them to working in parallel with an ad exchange community. And this was the beginning of our journey. The first version of our special cross-promotion.

A proposal determined by quality

Being new to an industry that was totally unknown to us at that time, allowed us to break conventions and work in our own way to build an ecosystem that was more accessible, more just, and more transparent. In short, a BETTER industry.  

In this way, little by little, we became aware of how crucial it was to improve traffic quality standards in order to push the advertising industry in the right direction. To the point that in 2019, we put forward a very strong proposal for quality with two relevant launches:

  1. App-ads-txt.com to help small independent developers to adopt IAB standards
  2. “Quality First Framework” to only select trustworthy, direct, owned, and operated traffic

To work only with the highest quality standards was a brave decision to take on our part, to the point that it meant renouncing short-term growth in order to support our long-term vision. And the result was continuous growth of 97% in 2021.  

Paraphrasing Peter Drucker: “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”. On seeing the results, we cannot agree more.

In the same way that we have decidedly opted for quality, we have also always endeavored to achieve effective results, equally protecting the interests of the media, advertisers and audiences. Something which led us to launch our own contextual advertising solution: Contextualize-it. This enabled us to access audiences more accurately and improve the consumer experience while, at the same time, respecting user privacy or, in other words, to achieve effective results while equally protecting the interests of the media, advertisers and audiences.


Techsoulogy making-of: The what, how, and why by our CMO

Who we are and what we believe in

All this experience and conviction have now enabled us to put into words who we really are:  constant explorers of technology and knowledge.

And to define what we believe in:

  1. That there is a more just way of bringing people closer to communication media (the why of our brand)
  2. That we contribute human intelligence to artificial intelligence (our how), and
  3. That we offer innovative advertising solutions to reach business objectives through different types of sources (the what)

Being clear about who we are and what we believe in, it has taken time to discover where we are going: to belong to something bigger than we are ourselves.  

Our new brand architecture

How do we achieve belonging to something bigger than ourselves? Simply with the new brand architecture that you are looking at right now.  

This is a great project in which a multidisciplinary team consisting of over 20 people has taken part, among them, clients, experts and recognized brand and business consultants, naming, web designers, UX/IU, programmers, marketers, video makers and communicators. To each and every one of them we say THANK YOU. We have built something that is very big and it would not have been possible without your experience and dedication.

A dedication structured on 3 phases of work:  

  1. Analysis and definition of strategy
  2. Verbal identity
  3. Visual identity

In the analysis and strategic definition phase, we worked with the well-known Jordi Torrents and his whole team at Collaborabrands. With them, we studied the internal group vision and that of some of our clients through a series of in-depth interviews and workshops which helped us to identify our main brand assets and needs. We also researched the market environment and category until defining our own areas of opportunity and discovering our main asset, the one that is really valued by those who work with us, which is the human team and the way we work.

In fact, the way we work, by providing human intelligence and artificial intelligence, has emerged as the true brand positioning; and the technology itself, the experience, and specialization, as the reasons to believe that we achieve effective results.  

A method, a recipe, a philosophy that has even encompassed the name of this newly emerged corporate brand: Tecshoulogy. The sum of Tech + Humans + Knowledge. A  portmanteau work of naming by Fernando Beltrán that expresses our way of understanding the relationship between technology and the human condition that supports the remaining brands within the group (Tappx, Taproom, Contextualize-it, PlayOnContent, and Avodly) and which has begun to build a virtuous circle of renown.

The name has been the subject of the verbal identity work phase. The third and final stage of these months of work was the visual identity phase, the high point that we have defined with Ricardo Domingo and Adrià Romañá from the Comuniza agency and developed with Juan Serrano from the Branng agency.

The objective here was to be able to deploy a visual language through logos, the use of colors, typography, iconography, and illustration that enabled us to coherently construct current and future brands.

This has been the great result:  

This is Techsoulogy. Technology and human focus while we constantly explore, learn, and improve.  We never stand still.

Read more about the Techsoulogy making-of: The what, how, and why by our CMO

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Techsoulogy making-of: The what, how, and why by our CMO


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