Work with us

At Techsoulogy we have the drive and freedom to try and test new things, fail, and try again. Because we understand the power of learning and determination.

The way we work

We trust each other to get things done and deliver results.

We motivate each other to be curious and innovative.

We challenge each other with kindness and respect.

Team experiences

“Companies are made by people. At Tappx there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work. It’s all about getting the best people, retaining them, and developing a positive environment”.

Performance Operations Manager

Amro Shehata A.M.

“I like working at Tappx because of the human connections one can build in the company. I feel Tappx has a special eye for the human side of Talent and converts it into a resource”.

Supply Business Developer

Amalia Trocea

“I was given the opportunity to start a new business unit at Tappx from scratch, and today I have 11 collaborators in my team, and growing. If you are ambitious and determined, career growth is real at Tappx”.

Head of Performance

Alberto Jurado

“The company is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their background or identity. This focus on inclusion and diversity has allowed me to feel comfortable and supported in my role and has helped me to grow both personally and professionally”.

Performance Growth Manager

Angélica Cantero

“The company really cares about the wellbeing of their employees. They offer flexible work-schedules, remote work options and give support in a good work-life balance”.

Key Advertiser Manager

Claudia Michaelsson

“Not long ago, you probably would have found me behind a bar making cocktails somewhere in Barcelona. Tappx gave me the opportunity to start my career as a front-end developer right after finishing my boot camp. One year later, it continues to encourage and support me to keep growing on my new path”.

Product Frontend Developer

Felipe Noriega

“There isn’t a single day that goes by that you don’t learn something on Tappx with such a diversity of cultures. What I love most about the company is that it allows you to be who you really are and express your true colors while building lasting relationships”.

Supply Business Developer

Anastasios Stravinos

“I really appreciate the value of taking risks, embracing new ideas, and thinking outside the box that we have at Tappx. I’ve also developed the ability to lead a team, which is challenging but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Working here is an incredible learning and growth experience”.

Supply AM Team Leader

Judith Fàbregas


You do you
At Techsoulogy you’re free to do your own thing. Although we do have core hours to ensure teams can collaborate effectively, we have the flexibility to work whenever we’re most productive. Balance family, social activities, well-being, and just… breathe.

Home or office? Both!
We go to the office one day per week, so we don’t forget the chit-chat and awkward lift encounters. We have lunch together, play ping pong, and grab a drink at the bar next door after work. We get the convenience of the home office most of the time, without losing in-person experiences.

Private health insurance
Health and well-being should be the top priority for everyone. And it is for us!

That is the reason why we help our team to ensure they have access to the best services and medical care at any time.

Mental health care
Fortunately, mental health is no longer a secondary health issue, especially after COVID-19. We want to give it the importance it has with an online psychologist service to all our team members and an app with emotional management and mindfulness exercises. 

English and Spanish classes
Our primary language is English and we provide individual speaking lessons to make sure we can understand each other well! We care about your personal development and we will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals in every moment.

Professional development budget
We know that even the greatest talents need nurturing to go further. We ensure that everyone gets access and resources to constantly grow and improve. Because we are native explorers of technology and knowledge.

Employee referral program
Smart people surround themselves with smart people. We know that, so we give you more than just “thank you” if you bring your friends to our team. We will tell you about our special referral program to reward talent recruitment when you join us!

Regular team building activities
We’re a fun group of people who like to be active, go wining and dining, and spend time together to get to know each other better and enjoy team work then in the office. We can asure that you won’t be bored with us.

Internal Talks
Based on the constant exploration of new ideas and the search for better knowledge, the team organizes these voluntary sessions. Business presentation, yoga classes… Everything is valuable to leverage our human talent, learning, and improvement.

What to expect

Meet our People team – Pat and Gabriel, who will be your first point of contact in your Techsoulogy journey.

Our hiring processes are quick and straightforward:

  1. A quick chat. An informal call to discuss the position and figure out if it’s a good fit.
  2. Task or assessment.To help us understand your working style and more technical knowledge.
  3. Interview with the hiring manager. A more role-specific conversation about your experience and skills.

For most roles, this will be it. Yet, depending on the position, we may ask you to speak to the head of the department as well.

How to get in?

Take a look at our open job opportunities:


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