Career growth and learning

We never stand still

As explorers of technology and knowledge, we are committed to educational and skills development projects to help people start and grow in their professional careers.

Training initiatives

TAM Program

At Techsoulogy, we believe in soft skills, attitude, and commitment. That’s why, if you want to be a Backend Developer but don’t have experience yet, you can join the team as a Junior, learn different Backend languages and grow with the team to reach the Backend Senior position when you are ready for it.

Pre-Sales Program

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough experience in the AdTech industry. We strongly believe that soft skills and motivation well deserve a real opportunity. Join us as a Junior Sales (or Pre-Sales) and make the jump to a Business Developer position with coaching and training.

Trainee Program

Techsoulogy collaborates with several schools offering the students the opportunity to perform their training cycle in Tappx and opt for a job after a few months. We highly value initiative, proactivity, self-learning, and willingness to learn as the first step to having a guaranteed career plan with us!

English and Spanish classes
One-to-one remote and personalized English and Spanish classes that match the individual learning paces and needs.

Techsoulogy Talks
Various, casual, and insightful talks from the team about the AdTech industry and future challenges. We love to share knowledge!

We not only regularly attend Business, Tech, HR, and Marketing events, as well as webinars to learn, grow, and network, but also actively organize them.

Personal learning
We have a dedicated budget for professional development and customized courses. Upskilling every member, we go further as a team.

Professional development
The role in which you enter the company is not forever. We encourage you to grow and shift between teams. The sky’s the limit.

Corporate coach
You don’t face challenges alone. Our corporate coach helps Managers and Team Leaders align their leadership with the company culture.

“Tappx really cares about the expectations and growth of its employees. My personal case is the proof that thanks to the support of my team leaders, I have been able to lead a team within the Performance Department in less than a year since my incorporation”.

Media Buying Team Leader

Ettore Spinelli

“Not long ago, you probably would have found me behind a bar making cocktails somewhere in Barcelona. Tappx gave me the opportunity to start my career as a front-end developer right after finishing my boot camp. One year later, it continues to encourage and support me to keep growing on my new path”.

Product Frontend Developer

Felipe Noriega

“I am very proud to be part of the Tappx team and to grow professionally along with the company. I started as Supply AM and, thanks to the support of my colleagues and everything they taught me, three years later I work as Product Manager for the whole company. I try to keep learning every day from everyone at Tappx”.

Product Manager

Blanca Boncompte

“Techsoulogy is the perfect place to grow professionally and, in my case, to develop my financial profile much more. Working here as a Controller helps me gain more analytical and critical knowledge, as well as see how important it is for companies to have good financial planning”.

Senior Controller

Alba Suances

“I really appreciate the value of taking risks, embracing new ideas, and thinking outside the box that we have at Tappx. I’ve also developed the ability to lead a team, which is challenging but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Working here is an incredible learning and growth experience”.

Supply AM Team Leader

Judith Fàbregas

Work at Techsoulogy

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