Tappx demonstrates exponential growth during global pandemic

Team size grows by 60% since March 2020 and performance revenues by 479% YTD

Barcelona, Spain – Tuesday 1st December 2020 – Tappx, a leading AdTech company delivering advertising solutions for mobile, OTT and desktop, is proud to reveal a staggering 60% increase in its workforce size since March 2020. This unprecedented Tappx increase has been driven by 479% YTD performance division growth, onboarding new clients and direct publishers, and increased demand for Tappx technology development, all of which required additional talent.

Since March 2020, there has been a combined total of 23 new hires and promotions at Tappx. The Tappx SSP (Supply-Side Platform) team saw three promotions, with Aitor Ruiz Fernández now Director of SSP Operations, Judith Fàbregas as Team Leader Supply Account Manager, and Carla Gallardo as Team Leader Demand Account Manager. The Tappx IT department, which interfaces directly with clients, also demonstrated significant change, such as integrations between Tappx proprietary technology solutions and its clients. The IT departmental promotions include Rubén Arjona as Integrations Lead Developer, José Manuel Pérez Sevilla as Product Lead Developer, and Esther Yébenes Dato as SysAdmin and DevOps Team Leader.

Daniel Reina, CEO at Tappx, commented:
“Tappx is delighted that its business model, consultative service and proprietary technologies have been in steady demand since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Tappx has evolved to become a truly agile and virtual organisation that is 100% scalable to meet new demand. The appointment of Patricia Iglesias, our new HR lead, has been instrumental in laying the foundations for the future growth, not just for our technology, but importantly for our talent and the consultancy which our clients receive.”

Patricia Iglesias, Head of People and Talent at Tappx, commented:
“My biggest challenge was establishing the framework for an agile HR division during a global pandemic. The key to making everything work was the essential collaborative efforts between the newly established HR team, and with CEO Daniel Reina and CTO Antonio Hervás. Personally, this has been the most challenging HR project which I’ve undertaken in 20 years, but it’s been a hugely rewarding experience. I’m enormously grateful to team Tappx for welcoming me with open arms making my work so much easier and enjoyable.”

The six Tappx promotions are:

The 17 Tappx new hires are:

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