The limitless application of AI in brand communication

Written by Raquel Ríos Dafonte - Marketing Specialist at Techsoulogy
Created May 11, 2023 - Updated Aug 08, 2023 | 3 min read
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long since ceased to be anything new. It is increasingly more accessible since it forms part of everyday life in all production sectors and is also growing at an exponential rate. What is new, that we need to decide on as a society, are its ethical implications and how we want to use these new technologies in our lives and in our work.

This has been the key idea that the Zoom Marques debate “Artificial Intelligence for brand communication” was based on, an event organized by the Audiovisual Cluster of Barcelona at the headquarters of Foment del Treball in Barcelona. The first “normal” Zoom Marques after the pandemic according to the Cluster’s Vice-president, Noemí Cuní.

The focus has been placed on the implications of AI in terms of automation, creativity, and ethics in particular. First to explain his point of view was David Lahoz, Product Strategist at Tappx.

Not accepting Artificial Intelligence is ignoring reality

“Undoubtedly, there is not a single area of human activity, which is not currently, or won’t in the future be, influenced by generative artificial intelligence tools. Advertising is no exception”, assured Lahoz while showing a plethora of examples of AI tools such as Chat GPT for the generation of text, Midjourney for images, Descript for creating and editing videos, AIVA for soundtracks, RYFF for real-time product placement and, one of those that most astound the general public, Metaphysic, to clone ultra-realistic characters in real time with results like this one on the television program, GOT Talent.

According to Lahoz, who has reproduced an example of his voice cloned with AI with a result that his friends have found more than realistic, it is no use ignoring everything that these tools are capable of doing. On the contrary, he advocates for “learning about them, taking advantage of them, and adapting ourselves to the change that they will no doubt bring us as an industry”. Changes that occur as a result of improving segmentation in campaigns, optimizing results, analyzing user behavior in real time, and personalizing the message depending on the context, the device, and even the moment of the advertising impact. The latter representing a challenge in the audiovisual sector in particular.

Lahoz during his presentation at Zoom Marques

In this regard, Contextualize-it was presented as the contextualization solution the audiovisual sector needs in order to position advertising which is appropriate to the consumption context and at the least intrusive possible time of the video for the user. This is particularly relevant now that privacy requirements are increasingly strict and the use of personal data is increasingly restrictive.


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Automatisms for AI and decisions for people

Taking part in the round table about the implications of AI in the audiovisual sector were the Business Development Manager from the Wildbytes experiential innovation agency, Albert Giménez; Josep Ganyet, CEO of Mortensen, a digital communications company; and Ramón Arteman, Director of the production company Metropolitana; moderated by journalist and CEO of The Creative, Bibiana Ballbè.

Notable among the key ideas were the power of Artificial Intelligence to better understand audiences and their contexts, create personalized messages in real time and, as a result, improve communication with brands. Additionally, its ability to create the “wow effect”, in the words of Albert Giménez, with palpable results in the conversion. A good example of this is the Wildbytes campaign for New Balance.

For Ganyet, the debate has never been about choosing between Artificial Intelligence or humanity, robots or people. In his opinion, “or” should be replaced with “and” so we talk about Artificial Intelligence AND humanity, robots AND people. The challenge here lies in seeing how to use this new technology, in how the work is distributed so that machines take care of automatisms and people take care of defining objectives and making decisions. In this regard, the quality and speed of Chat GPT was given as an example, in contrast to the lack of such human elements in its texts like opinion, humor, and critique.

Another example discussed in relation to the enormous possibilities of Artificial Intelligence applied to advertising is the multi award-winning campaign “Con much acento” by Metropolitana for Cruzcampo.

As explained by the Director of Metropolitana, the technical part of this campaign is a clear competitive advantage provided by Artificial Intelligence, but it would make no sense without the brilliant creative idea behind it, and that made it possible.

Giménez, Ganyet, and Arteman at Zoom Marques gave three positive insights about what many call the fourth industrial revolution and the fact it is not exempt from ethical debates. We are talking about a social and business paradigm shift that affects each and every production sector without exception. Our sector, the advertising sector, is among them.

It isn’t science fiction, there is no way back and, as constant explorers of knowledge and technology, here at Techsoulogy, we already form part of the change.

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