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Marta Pereira Marques da Fonseca

Supply Account Manager


This is Marta, Supply Account Manager at Tappx. Her job is to build trusting relationships with our clients, being empathetic, understanding their needs, and above all helping them to boost their accounts. A great challenge that she manages every day.

Question: What is the best part of being an Account Manager?

Answer: Being in contact with different clients from different verticals and nationalities and taking care of the relationship that they have with us and helping them in boosting their accounts.

Q: Could you list some tips to become a good AM? What are the essential skills needed in your job?

A: For being a good AM you have to be patient when dealing with difficult clients, but at the same time focus on solving problems and always questioning and thinking out of the box when something is not working. Also be empathic and show that you understand the client’s needs and you are here to help them.

Q: Tell us about a recent reliable client relationship, success story, or goal you’re proud of.

A: Turn some accounts to be profitable and to have a closer relationship with us – for example before I entered in Tappx, we have an account that was not profitable and had some pending issues with us. Last August, I managed to upsell their video account and make this account profitable, after different optimizations and convincing the publisher to keep our CPMs.

Q: How do you organize your day? What tools do you use and which of them are your favorite ones?

A: I start my day by checking the performance of the accounts that I am managing on the day before and then I reply the emails that I have pending.
If I need to follow up with some account or talk with some team in Tappx I use Google Calendar and do a list of daily tasks. I also write notes in Hubspot when I do price optimizations and register on the publisher’s account.

Also have an excel sheet with my portfolio where I can have an overview of it by each month and in general by quarter.

Q: What do you expect from the future of the industry? What needs to be improved?

A: This industry is very competitive, but at the same time dominated by companies like Google and Amazon and the publishers are very dependent on these companies. I hope that publishers can be less dependent on them. On the other hand, for sure programmatic industry is going to continue to grow and probably we will have new formats (especially in video and audio channels that have better revenues).
Another question mark is how advertising will be in cookie-less world.

Q: Do you have any idea how many emails you send per day?

A: Depending on the day, I would say around 5-10 emails per day.

Q: What is the app you use the most in your daily life?

A: WhatsApp and Instagram.

Q: What is the first thing you do when you get home and disconnect from work?

A: If I am not doing sports on that day, generally talk with my family and friends or watch series and movies.

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?

A: Give some money to my family and charity and what I have left – spend part on traveling around the world and another part for possible future expenses (houses, car, children).


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