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Álvaro Díaz

Unity Developer


Álvaro is a Unity Developer at Taproom. He loves working with the team, asking other team members when he’s stuck, and being creative. Read the full interview and find out what he would do if he won the lottery.

Question: How did you get into the sports games industry?

Answer: It was a matter of luck, my school sent me to Taproom as an intern after I finished my studies.

Q: What is the best part of being a unity developer?

A: I think the best of it is seeing the actual results of all that code you have been working on.

Q: Could you list some tips to become a good unity developer? What are the essential skills needed in your job?

A: One of the best tips I could share is working as a team. Communication is key in this role, if you are stuck with a problem for too long always try asking another team member.

Also, being creative is very important even for programmers. We search for the most optimal solution, so always try to think out of the box.

Q: Tell us about a recent reliable client relationship, success story, or goal you’re proud of.

A: Recently some friends and I participated in a 2-week-long game jam. It was the first time we all worked together, and the result was pretty cool so I’m really proud of all the work we did.

Q: How do you organize your day? What tools do you use and which of them are your favorite ones?

A: Honestly, I organize my day using the typical wall calendar. I don’t use any apps or super innovative tools.

Q: What do you expect from the future of the industry? What needs to be improved?

A: In the video games industry, I expect a change in how we tell stories. By using more tools, video games provide us and distancing ourselves more from the tools used in films or books.

I think we need to improve, even more, the accessibility of the games we make. Not all games care about having such easy things as changing the size of subtitles so we need to work on these features a lot.

Q: Do you have any idea how many emails you send per day?

A: Not really but I try to send as little as possible.

Q: What is the app you use the most in your daily life?

A: Discord. There I talk with my friends, we share pics, videos… I have it open almost all day long.

Q: What is the first thing you do when you get home and disconnect from work?

A: I like to entertain myself by reading a book or playing video games, after all the work I need some time to relax and not think too much.

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?

A: I would buy a house and invest the rest of the money in making video games, that’s what I love to do so I have it clear.


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