Organic: The App Party 2022


At the end of October, Barcelona will host Organic: The App Party, an event organized by the agency Pickaso and sponsored by Tappx. 

The event, in after-work format, reaches its sixth edition this year with the aim of continuing to promote networking and debate on the latest developments in the apps sector among industry professionals.

This year’s speakers will include professionals from Huawei Ads, Kaizen Internet, Gelt, AppsFlyer, Adevinta, and Google, who will talk about new ways of acquisition and monetization, in-app events, performing Ads on TikTok and mobile growth. 

If you’re up for it, don’t forget to say hello to Judith, Linh, Santiago, Berta, Joao, Ángelica, Jodene, Marta, Fernando, David, and Raquel from the Tappx and Taproom team who will also be there. 

Here are the details of the event: 

  • Date: October 27, 2022
  • Time: 18h
  • Place: Valkiria Hub Space, Barcelona

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