FOA 2023


“This is the jungle” is the motto of the 28th edition of FOA, an event organized by the advertising media MarketingDirecto.com, which promises to be the most experiential so far. 

There will be about 8 hours of presentations and panels focused on topics such as consumer vs. brands, Artificial Intelligence vs. creativity, and new paradigms vs. the more conventional ones. All are based on the premise that, according to the organization, “the advertising industry has become a real jungle where agencies and brands seek to lead the pack of their target audiences”. 

On the table, some unanswered questions: Are we managing to make advertising effective? Are we getting out of hand the issue of advertising banners? Are we getting the user not to flee in terror before the ads?

This is all the information you need to attend:

  • Date: June 6 2023
  • Venue: Room 25 of Kinepolis Ciudad de la Imagen, Madrid

From the Tappx team, Agustín Jiménez, Product Manager, Zdenka Prieto, Agencies Partnerships Manager, and Raquel Ríos, Marketing Specialist will be attending. They will be happy to greet you in person and exchange views on the advertising industry.

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