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Tappx celebrates 9th birthday and launches Techsoulogy

Tappx acquires mobile gaming brand From The Bench

Tappx reports 97% increase in annual revenue

Tappx acquires PlayOn Content to boost publisher video strategies

Tappx launches world’s first contextual audiovisual advertising solution

Tappx demonstrates exponential growth during global pandemic

Tappx teams up with LaLiga for mobile app monetization strategy

Tappx leads AdTech industry for App-Ads.txt adoption

The Financial Times ranks Tappx as Europe’s 2nd fastest growing advertising company

Tappx to develop and launch the world’s first Programmatic Server-Side Ad Insertion platform for the digital TV advertising industry with backing from EU Horizon 2020 initiative

Tappx launches to drive adoption for app-ads.txt

Tappx partners with Pixalate to guard against Connected TV/OTT ad fraud